Benefits of Yoga

Improve breathing: Yoga teaches better breathing techniques. Increasing the amount of oxygen benefits the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and increases energy levels as well as mental concentration.

Relax and release tension: By learning how to relax and release tension from the physical body, suppleness returns and with it a feeling of youthfulness. Deep relaxation activates the nervous system in a beneficial way which helps heal the body of many conditions, such as high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Get relief from stress and chronic problems: The American Medical Association reports that 80% of all diseases are stress related. Studies have shown that people with arthritis, hip and back issues, cancer, heart and other chronic conditions have been helped by practicing yoga postures and meditation.

Manage your weight better: Many of us overeat to compensate for emotional challenges or because of the stress in our lives. Yoga reduces stress and calms the mind. When the mind is calm, better decisions are made. Yoga postures also help tone the body.

Balance is the key: Yoga helps to focus the mind and improves strength in the legs and calf muscles making it easier to balance. There are a number of postures that aim at achieving balance in the body and mind.

Improve your strength and flexibility: As you practice yoga, you will begin to feel positive changes. You will begin to feel more ease of movement as you loosen tightness in muscles and tendons. You will have more energy as you strengthen and improve imbalances in the body.

Practice meditation: When the mind is quiet it is like a deep mountain lake, clear, still and calm. At all other times, we are constantly tossed around by thoughts that come and go in our mind. To slowly bring a state of peace and stillness into our lives, we practice steadying the mind with meditation. Practicing hatha yoga helps the body release stress and aids in quieting the mind: an excellent preparation for meditation.